Rajasri InfoTech is a team of young, passionate and enthusiastic software professionals. We are here to build a community of dynamic, passionate and brilliant people to effectively use technology to build better user experience.
Our success formula is “Collaboration, Continuous feedback and Transparency.” — We firmly believe that a team of talented, driven, and principled people could do wonders.
Whether we’re building a new solution for a client, fixing a project that’s tied up in knots, or helping to make a software development organization more productive, Rajasri InfoTech delivers. Our customers start seeing benefits in weeks, not months or years, a radical change for some caught up in the inertia of working as they’ve always worked.
Software development with Rajasri InfoTech feels and looks different: it is fast, evolutionary, and fun. There are no secrets — you can walk into a Rajasri InfoTech project room and see exactly where we are at a single glance. We take good ideas and best practices – collaboration, feedback, transparency, testing — and we build them into the fabric of the way we work. We’ve spent years, and many early mistakes, building a set of Rajasri InfoTech Agile capabilities and reusable approaches that we believe to be world class, but every problem is different, and our commitment to satisfying our clients far outstrips any affinity to a set of practices.
We strongly believe in the principle of “No two feet are alike” and hence we see every problem different. Our processes are built around the problem conditions and never mend problems to fit our processes. Whether we are building a new system for the client, fixing up a troubled project or helping to make software development organizations productive, we are committed and we deliver.