IT Management Services

IT consulting in view of identifying and implementing the most appropriate IT solutions and operation strategies is one of our areas of expertise. The main goal is improving activity and significantly boosting efficiency for the client.

We provide solutions for specific issues, from simple operating system configurations, servers and computer network development and management to implementing turnkey IT solutions tailored to your business particularities.

The IT consulting we provide throughout the contractual period may include advice and solutions concerning a resizing and improvement in the use of your present hardware and software infrastructure, as well as possible new additions that would boost efficiency.

Working with the client starts with an audit of the entire IT infrastructure, following which, we offer solutions and the consulting necessary for their implementation.

Since our philosophy is to provide IT integrated solutions and services, our IT audit and consulting service is joined by afferent services designed to ensure efficiency, security and protection for our clients: network management and system maintenance, remote backup, server and service management, electronic communications and content distribution, software and hardware service, procurement of IT equipment.

IT services offered :

1. Management of computer systems

  • Installing and configuring software and hardware systems and peripherals.
  • System software maintenance (Windows or Linux operating system). Periodic verification of the operating status of all equipment. Correcting identified issues, recommendations to improve performance and efficiency, as appropriate.
  • Onsite warranty and post-warranty services.

2. Network management and maintenance.

  • Management and maintenance: network area, servers, networking equipment, connectivity.
  • Internet access optimization. Network connection/connections distribution.
  • Traffic monitoring, limiting and/or restricting access for specific users, content filtering, Antivirus and Antispyware filtering, etc.
  • 25% discount for designing, configuring and implementing new networks (service not included in the subscription) and other services not included by the subscription.

3. Administration and maintenance of peripherals, printers, multifunctional devices, scanners and projectors

  • Installation and configuration.
  • Periodic maintenance and procurement of supplies.
  • Onsite warranty and post-warranty service.

4. IT procurement support

  • Procurement or assistance in procuring operating systems, hardware, peripherals and software solutions.
  • Onsite warranty and post-warranty.

5. Technical IT help-desk support

  • Solving reported incidents through the incident reporting system, e-mail, phone, chat or during onsite visits.
  • Assistance in operating IT equipment (configuration, software installation, error messages etc.).

6. Information security

  • Implementing and managing antivirus, antispam, antispyware and firewall solutions.
  • Virus removal, data recovery, etc.

7. Connectivity and interoperability solutions

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) - for fully secured remote access to your network resources.
  • Setup of mobile equipment for remote access to internal resources (files, email, etc.)

8. WEB hosting and email services

  • Website, maintenance and management of site hosting server
  • Email: e-mail server installation, management and maintenance, e-mail account maintenance

Additional features provided

  • Webmail: fully secured email remote access solution via the web
  • Antispam filtering
  • Antivirus filtering
  • E-mail forwarding
  • Automatic archiving of sent / received email messages
  • User and password protection support for access to website areas
  • Website traffic statistics

Hardware and software maintenance consists of a monthly audit of IT systems for the purpose of maintaining, correcting found defects, replacing consumables when necessary, configuring/reconfiguring in view of rendering IT solutions more efficient.

Maintenance also includes technical assistance interventions at request whenever necessary. The number or requests for the correction of IT defects is unlimited, whilst the provider may choose the correction solution (by phone, email, remote, onsite).

Consulting is done based on an analysis made by the provider of the necessary information. The consulting process produces a report that contains the conclusions of the analysis as well as a set of recommendations and implementation steps.

Free auditing We propose that our collaboration begin with a free of charge audit of your IT infrastructure. Following the results of this audit, presented as an auditing report, we may set up an action plan (depending on your allotted budget) that aims at bringing, in as short time as possible, your IT infrastructure to a standard that allows more efficient activities to take place in your company.

IT infrastructure auditing:

  • Auditing the status of your current IT infrastructure
  • Analyzing client needs in view of determining necessary services (connectivity, mobility, critical communication, security, guaranteed uptime, other specific requirements)
  • Designing IT infrastructure based on the real needs of your organization and the maximum efficiency pattern provided by correct IT infrastructure
  • Report with recommendations based on differences (gap analysis) between the audit results and the correct infrastructure design.
  • Jointly setting an implementation plan for proposed changes and necessary budget.
  • IT services outsourcing − IT services for companies with IT department

For medium and large companies that have reached a maturity stage of IT services and have an employee or an entire IT department, outsourcing is often the answer when facing problems. You can be an IT company looking for subcontractors or a non-IT company looking for professional support for your IT department. Whatever the situation, we know to promptly respond with professionalism rendering available all the specialized resources that you need.

You may find yourself in a position that requires:

  • additional resources for a limited period of time
  • additional resources or specialized resources for a specific project
  • a specialized IT solution such as VPN, BACKUP, virtualization of applications or servers
  • more resources but the company's management decided to halt recruiting
  • cost control and flexibility and scalability in real time for your projects
  • subcontracting for an IT projector part of it.