Our Process

Offshore software development with Rajasri Infotech uses innovative practices that maximize collaboration, communication & transparency. We deliver exactly what your business needs, as fast as possible. We use the latest thinking of agile and lean techniques and apply these to address the challenges of offshore development. Our approach to offshore addresses the challenges of distance and culture by working in a highly collaborative fashion. Rajasri Infotech is committed to delivering business value. We deliver the most important features first. By delivering and demonstrating working software every 1-2 weeks we provide the highest levels of visibility and ensure rapid feedback. This enables our clients to reprioritize and for us to respond to their evolving business needs.


At Rajasri Infotech, we work closely with our customers to understand their unique challenges and goals. We tailor precisely the right solution to drive success as early as possible.


we are redefining the offshore experience. Rajasri Infotech continuously invests in ways to maximize transparency, communication and feedback. We provide complete and real time visibility. Our customers are in total control of the outcomes and resulting business impact.


We are passionate about delivering precisely what our customers need. We take business ideas to production as fast as possible without compromising innovation and quality. The result is a highly performing, extensible and low maintenance software asset. Rajasri InfoTech offshore has the proven ability of delivering faster, higher returns. We endure and adapt to our customer’s fast changing market needs with high solution integrity.