Projects Rescare ERP

This project in order to maintain all the business transactions of a company called RESCARE Solutions Private Limited (RSPL). In this we provided six different logins (Administrator, Carriage and Forwarding Agent, Business Associate, Lead Manager, Merchandise and Customer) having distinctive permissions for doing various transactions.
The system covers the operations of the following modules - Registrations, Transactions, Stock, Accounts and Reports.

Cloth Store

This is a custom software development project for any small scale business like cloth stores, bakery etc. We facilitate this software with multi login functionality in which more than one company can use the same software to run there business, the curtail job is to maintain security so that a client cannot see the business transactions of another client.

Theatre Ticket Booking

Our Theatre Ticket Booking will be useful for both individual and multi theater owners. It manage the payment details, seat availability and report details like counter wise report, daily, weekly, monthly report and movie report etc. This powerful software for Theatre Ticket Booking  specifically Theatre owners.
Theater Admin also manages the report details like counter wise report, daily, weekly, monthly report and movie report etc

Time Sheet Management

Timesheet management the way that makes the most sense for your business needs, making it easy for your employees to know what they need to track and where and automate approvals accordingly. Submit timesheets for approval based on your unique business processes or customize the approval process workflow by client and project, routing for line, multi-level or project-based approvals. Create timesheets from scratch or save time by duplicating previously entered timesheets. Track the progress of timesheet management and approvals, including leave tracking and vacation time, putting visibility and control back into the hands of the users.

School Management System

School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business. School Management System allows users to store almost all of their school's information electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching materials etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.

College Management System

College Management Software's flexible and interactive scheduling system manages all aspects and functionalities of an educational institute including Academics, Administration, Inventory, Human Resource Information System, Finance, Library Management, placement, Hostel and Communications, giving a cutting-edge performance and solves the most complex tasks in educational administration and also connects all the Stakeholders, Staff, Faculty, Students, and Parents with the help of AWS customized software. It fulfills all the entire administrative and academic requirements in real time.

Agriculture Management System

Agriculture Management System , a division of Trimble, offers a complete range of solutions for the field and farm office—including mapping, accounting, water management, and more. Select from a variety of modules that can be integrated and customized to provide a comprehensive management solution for your farm.
Agriculture Management System are part of Trimble's Connected Farm. Connected Farm is an integrated operations management solution that combines industry-leading hardware and software to increase efficiency and effectiveness for today's farming business. It enables better decision making through integrated management and information exchange across the entire farm.